Oculus Easygraph Keratometers and Topography


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Offering presentations that are easy to comprehend and measurement, the Oculus Easygraph features functions like; Zernike evaluation, keratoconus screening, Contact lens fitting and much more.

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Oculus Easygraph is Small but with All Important Parameters at a Glance

Oculus Easygraph is what you need when you want maximum performance in limited space. The Oculus Easygraph is a space-saving corneal topographer that mounts directly into the slit lamp and offers exemplary performance during the assessment of the cornea. The measuring technology used by the Easygraph is the same technology found in Keratograph, only that with the Easygraph, the two have been combined into one for better performance during examinations.

In typical examinations, the quantitative classification of the cornea is always necessary and this process normally features numerous analysis and display formats. Such and many others are very much present in the Easygraph and it can also use the optionally available contact lens fitting to give more confidence and trust during the contact lens examinations.

Features include :

  • Compact Corneal Topographer

The design of the Easygraph features the use of grand technology and compact construction. Its measuring system works in the same way as that of a keratograph only that this one comes in a relatively smaller package in comparison with the keratograph.

  • Advanced topography

The design of the Oculus Easygraph blends an advanced topography system as well as an integrated keratometer which results in fast and accurate measurements of the cornea. With the design, it makes the process of digital image transmission as well as the automatic release to be nothing but a breeze, thus guaranteeing the best possible reproducibility.

It is simply to mount on the slip lamp

There are very many benefits that come with the simple mounting of the Easygraph on the slit lamp. The design is such that the Easygraph comes with a slit lamp holder and adapter that makes the process of mounting on the slit lamp an easy task. Additionally, this unique design feature also makes it possible to easily move the Easygraph from the idle position to work position and vice versa. For example, once you are through with using the Easygraph, you can proceed with the examination with the slit lamp in the normal manner.

Contact Lens Fitting

The contact lens fitter is able to get comprehensive support from the data that the topography provides, and this makes the process easier and more accurate, that even the first person on the job could do. You will be pleased to know that the first placement of the lens, including checking the initial fitting normally happens without ever being an actual physical contact – everything is simulated in the computer. As such, this contact lens fitting ability not only saves a considerable amount of time but also makes it easy to find the right contact lens for the patient.

If the patient is in need of hard contact lenses, the topography can simulate a fluo-image to get the data of the contact lens. Just with a click of the mouse, the examiner can move the contact lens or rotate it as they dim necessary for optimal fitting. Following the successful positioning of the virtual contact lens on the real eye, the simulation done by the fluo-image will be repeated and then compared with the real, dynamic and static images. 

Oculus Easygraph Key Features:

  • Built-in video keratometer measures real k readings
  • Easily attaches and detaches from slit lamp microscope
  • Automatic release ensures high reproducibility
  • Axial and tangential topography maps
  • Refractive power maps
  • Corneal elevation maps
  • Network ready – Up to 50 workstations included

Optional Software:

  • Zernike Analysis
  • Topographic Keratoconus screening for keratoconus detection and classification
  • Contact Lens Fitting with simulated fluorescein image
  • Oximap – shows the oxygen transmissibility of soft contact lenses
  • DICOM Interface

Oculus Easygraph has just been cleaned, tested and the calibration has been confirmed. It includes power supply/USB cable, calibration test eye and the operating database software compatible with Windows 7 is included. A Dell mini PC is included with this sale.

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