Ophthalmicmart Offers Ophthalmic Instruments for ophthalmology practice or clinic with maximum value for their money without compromising their satisfaction.

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About Us

Do you wish to make your eyecare practice a success? Have you been looking for a reliable source for your Ophthalmic Instruments at discounted rates? Search no more as you can get the finest Ophthalmic Instruments alongside service and support from Ophthalmicmart.

We are the world’s largest supplier of Ophthalmic Instruments, and we offer optometric solutions that fit every budget. So if you want to discover all there is to know about ophthalmic products (automated and non-automated), then we are the best bet for you. At Ophthalmicmart, we’ve got an eye for efficiency and our clients are our priority. Our skilled technicians are well trained to give you a superb client experience using the most advanced technology.

Why Us?


~Our devoted team members are readily available to assist you.

~We’re aware of the relevance of eye care and what it means to the general wellbeing.

~Our sales strategy revolves around the quick time shipping and delivery of your ordered products at affordable prices.

~Our ophthalmic products and optometric supplies all offer flexible solutions for your practice, and there are no hassles with returns.

~We’re committed to providing our clients and associates with maximum value for their money without compromising their satisfaction.

Contact us today for your high-tech Ophthalmic Instruments, and you’ll be glad you did.

Our Commitment


Our Goal

To deliver the best  Ophthalmic Instruments for ophthalmology practice or clinic to optometrists

Our Services

With lots of experience in the ophthalmic industry, we strive to revamp the industry with our vast selection of branded and certified products. We are in constant search of emerging user-friendly technologies and manufacturers of optometric products so that the optometrists out there can give their patients efficient eye care service.

From hand-held tools, diagnostic instruments, dispensing equipment, finishing equipment, and to spare parts,  Ophthalmicmart has got your needs covered at affordable prices. We also give you details on the care instructions and all our Ophthalmic Instruments, and technical support comes with a 100% guarantee as our services can be trusted.

You can rely on Ophthalmicmart to meet your ophthalmic, and optical supply needs as we do all we can to offer the best assistance to you. Being a leading source of fine precision Ophthalmic Instruments and ophthalmic products, we have a broad range of products and also provide various maintenance services to keep all of your instruments in good working order.

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The Products

Our products include all Ophthalmic Instruments from Autorefractors, Keratometers, Slit Lamps, Phoropters, Retinal Cameras, Automatic Lensmeters, Retinoscopes, Tonometers, Chart Projectors, Tonometers, Tonopens, CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHERS, OPHTHALMIC ULTRASOUND, REFRACTION SYSTEMS and many more. Our sales don’t stop there as we have Ophthalmic Furniture from Model Examination Chairs, Instrumentation Table, Refraction Units, and Stretchers and lots more.

if you have any specific Ophthalmic Instruments want to purchase, just contact our sales at sales[at]ophthalmicmart.com

The Office

#11-00 7 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, Central Business District, Singapore 018960

Phone: +65 21 612 7122
Email: sales[at]ophthalmicmart.com