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OCULUS Pentacam HR offers you excellent image quality. The resolution of its images is five times that of the Pentacam Basic or even Classic models, allowing the Pentacam HR to deliver efficient representations of IOLs and IOLs.

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The Pentacam HR is a high heeled rotating Scheimpflug camera program for anterior segment analysis. It provides pictures of iris, cornea and crystalline lens. It measures both the anterior and posterior corneal topography and altitude

Standard Software: Holladay Report Belin/Ambrosio Improved Ecstasia, Contact Lens Fitting, package that is Cataract and Refractive Bundle. It measures topography and elevation of both the anterior and posterior corneal surface and the thickness.

Basic Software includes Overview screen, Quick Screening Report, 1 Map, 4 Maps Refractive, Scheimpflug Image Overview, Virtual Eye, Tomography, Iris Image, Topometric, and displays. The OCULUS-PentacamĀ® is customizable and can be updated at any time to include optional software modules to fit your particular requirements.

The Pentacam HR is our high-resolution expert model. Whit is optimised optics is provides picture quality to you. Pentacam HR images leave representations of IOLs and IOLs.
The Pentacam pictures the anterior part of the eye with a rotating Scheimpflug camera dimension. This procedure that is rotating supplies pictures in three dimensions.

The new HR Pentacam has a better optic design plus a high resolution 1.45 Mega Pixel Camera. Advantages are sharper Scheimpflug pictures allowing IOL and IOL implant imaging and Crisper. More precise demonstration of the layers. Cornea imaging using a scan produced for precision by 100 images in under 2 seconds. An energetic fixation target to permit patients using ametropia a simple fixation.

Pentacam HR operates on the principle of “illumination” of the forefoot segment. Eye structures that are different otherwise reflect/disperse the beams their perception and differentiation. From 360 degrees rotating around the patient’s eye reflection of these light rays listed and is recorded

Pentacam HR has its use in the installation of multifocal toroidal lenses, where it is extremely beneficial in finding out the keratometric values to provide a high-quality postoperative vision to the individual with astigmatism. We use it in preparation for laser hair removal interventions in which measurement and healthy cornea of topography are crucial, of dioptries. Topographic mapping of the cornea is one of the imaging so that the surgeon and the individual would be happy with the outcome, which laser removal of this dioptre could be considered at all. In monitoring and diagnosis of glaucoma, Pentacam HR is used to ascertain pachymetry (corneal thickness) by which the correction factor is used for measuring intraocular pressure (the measured strain is decreased or increased by a certain amount, according to the measured thickness of the cornea). Furthermore, the camera measures the size of this chamber angle, the thickness of eye room. These data can confirm the presence of angular glaucoma. In the case of morphological diseases of the cornea such as keratoconus or edema of the cornea, Pentacam HR may be used to determine the condition and also to assist in with therapy, intervention, and monitoring.

Glaucoma screening:

The Pentacam supplies an automatic and thorough analysis of the anterior chamber. After the eye has been examined, the tool displays whether the individual has an increased risk for glaucoma. Post-operative test of the anterior chamber shows alterations, e.g., after an iridectomy or other surgical interventions.


The Scheimpflug images produced by the Pentacam supply a very clear representation of lens opacity. The 3D cataract investigation together with the PNS (Pentacam Nucleus Staging) is a unique feature. The center of the retina, as well as its anterior and posterior surfaces, are measured very precisely for optimal calculation of the corneal power. For the patients that this implies a calculation of the IOL power

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Cross-sectional images of the anterior segment
Axial and tangential topography maps
Pachymetry maps
Anterior and posterior corneal elevation maps
Anterior chamber angle measurement
Anterior chamber depth and volume measurements
Fast Screening Report to quickly identifying abnormalities found in common pathologies
Keratoconus detection and staging
Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia
Contact Lens Fitting with simulated fluorescein image
Various comparison displays including Compare 2 Scheimpflug
Network ready – Up to 50 workstations included

Optional Features:
Cataract Package
Refractive Package
Holladay Report
DICOM Interface