Here is Topcon autorefractor needed when open your optometry practice

Topcon autorefractor is a machine utilized to provide a physical dimension of a person’s refractive error and a prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses. This is accomplished by measuring how light is shifted as it enters an individual’s eye.

At a glance, most people think that each one of them is the same. They sure look the same from the appearance, but haven’t you learned not to judge the book through its cover? It is the inside part that matters. Do you know what an Autorefractor is?

Autorefractor is a machine used to determine a person’s prescription by measuring how light is affected as it reflects into the eyeball. They are painless and quick to provide an excellent baseline for the Ophthalmologists to determine the correct contact lens or eyeglass prescription. Autorefractors also provide accurate readings before giving the test on the phoropter.

It works by shining light to the eye and measures how it changes as it bounces back. The patient then shows an image that moves in and out of their focus. Taking several reflections helps the medical professional determine the level of correction for the patient to see at his best.

The overall process of the refraction is straightforward, painless, and quick. The patients are required to keep one eye on specific pictures within the machine. The readings are recorded by the device and provided so that the doctor will give the prescription.

Buying an Autorefractor can be quite complicated with all the options and models available. The market is chockfull with autorefractors. When considering the different options, it is crucial to choose the best and of good quality. Don’t just settle for less; you can have the best. Don’t settle for the average; here is the Topcon Autorefractor for you to choose.


Best Topcon Autorefractor

Shopping for an Autorefractor? Choose from the Topcon Autorefractors below:

1. TOPCON KR – 1 Automatic Keratometer Refractometer ($4,999.00)

Topcon KR-1The Topcon KR-1 is an innovative automobile kerato-refractometer. The rotatable and tiltable touchscreen makes it possible for the operator to use the refractometer with just a single touch from various angles. It ensures the best interaction with the individual.

Product Description

Topcon KR-1 features entirely automatic operation and an easy-to-use color touchscreen, a space-saving design, a flexible layout with a 360-degree rotatable monitor. The Rotary Prism measuring method also guarantees precise, repeatable, and fast keratometry and refraction measurements. The model may also be the use of different set-ups, which utilize a minimum of functioning space.

Reliable and Fast Measurement

With Topcon’s Rotary Prism Technology, this model provides unmatched reliability and accuracy. The technology also ensures reproducible results. When it comes to the measurement of both eyes, it is through in a comfortable and fast way for the patient. The Topcon autorefractor keratometer measures patients with a pupil as small as Ø2mm.

Peripheral Corneal Keratometer Measurement

The Topcon KR-1 lets the operator take a peripheral measure Keratometer measurements of the corneal curvature radius, plus an inner Keratometer ring measurements, which is valuable in the corneal evaluation of the contact lens fitting.

Compact Ergonomic Design

The new ergonomic design of the Topcon autorefractor Keratometer provides a faster and more comfortable position for the patient with a 5-degree inclination of the optical head of the Keratometer and the patient’s head. The compact body of the Topcon autorefractor KR-1 and enhanced chin rest design makes it possible for easy access to patients. Also, the operator will have better dealings with the patient.


This Topcon Autorefractor connects to other instruments such as the Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter. It can also be cohesive into the Topcon database and imaging software – IMAGEnet i-base. The software allows fast and easy access to the patient’s data and is a helpful tool to maintain customer contacts.

Key Features
The TOPCON KR – 1 Automatic Keratometer Refractometer has a lot to offer. Here are the best features of the KR-1:
  • Simple & Quick Operation – fully automated measurement
  • Space-saving and flexible layout – the control panel can be position in any direction
  • Easy-to-use Color Touchscreen Control Panel – it eradicates the need for a control lever
  • Reliable Measurement – features Topcon’s Rotary Prism Technology for reproducible and reliable results
  • Ergonomic and New compact design – compact body and an ergonomic headrest and optical head design
  • Weight (kg) 19.9 kg
  • Dimension – (inches) 275 (W) x 509 (D) x 432~464 (H) mm
  • Measurable RangeHyperopia – 0 to +22D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
    Myopia –  0 to -25D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
    Astigmatism – 0 to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
    Axial angle –  0 to 180° (1°/5° steps)
  • Pupil Diameter –  ø2.0 mm
  • Power – (V)100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 60VA/100VA

With its best features, the Topcon KR-1 autorefractor price for this device is indeed worth investment.

2. TOPCON TRK-2P Autorefractor Keratometer ($9,999.00)


The Topcon Autorefractor Keratometer 4-in-1 tool performs four times than any analytical capabilities in one-quarter of its space. It features a car refractometer, a non-contact tonometer, Keratometer, and a pachymeter. It enables the instrument to provide four times the diagnostic abilities in just one-fourth of space.

Product Description

This Topcon Autorefractor eliminates the requirement to move the individual away from instrument to instrument, boosting efficiency and saving more time. All the measurements done by the TRK-2P are entirely automatic, such as automobile shooting, automobile orientation, auto left and right change, and an automobile switch from the two varied styles, kerato-refractor to tonometer.

It also features a fully automated measurement and recovery system, mixing a Keratometer, Auto-Refractometer, Pachymeter, and Non-Contact Tonometer in 1 instrument. The rotating color touchscreen control panel and compact size deliver complete flexibility for the operator. TRK-2P also improves practice efficiency and patient flow.

Key Features
Here are the key features of the TOPCON TRK-2P Autorefractor Keratometer:
  • The fully automated measurement process for better practice efficiency
  • Keratometry, tonometry, pachymetry, and refraction measurements all in one instrument
  • Space-saving design and flexible layout
  • Seamless interface
  • The easy-to-use color touch panel
  • Comfortable design for patients
  • Built-in printer with the auto paper cutter
  • 4-in-1 device
  • Gentle air pulse
  • Adjusted intraocular pressure

With the TOPCON TRK-2P Autorefractor Keratometer accuracy and luxurious designs, your patients will have the best customer service experience, and this is what makes this Topcon autorefractor price worth for your money.

3. TOPCON KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer/Topographer ($8,888.00)

Topcon KR-8000PAWhen linked to the earlier version of the machine, it has a 70% faster mapping output. KR-8000PA has corneal irregularity detection, foundation curvature advice, and a wider measuring area.

Product Description

This new and improved Topcon KR-8000PA combines a computerized color corneal mapping system, an auto-keratometer, plus an auto-refractor in a single, compact unit. It also enables the device to provide three times the diagnostic abilities in one-third space.

Using the Topcon Rotary Prism Technology for the refraction measurement, this device provides objective data that is supreme in reliability and accuracy. Auto measurement and auto-tracking enhance the simplicity of the operation. This device also includes 10 Placido rings for better testing precision and thus providing corneal mapping dimensions.

The versatile color mapping system of the KR-80000PA enhances the clinical test with exceptionally accurate and complete color corneal maps. When it comes to the color mapping system, this device is superb and intended for use with the KR-8000PA Keratometer/Auto Refractor and KR-7000P.

The improved version Topcon KR-8000PA is an improved Auto-Kerato-Refractometer with Corneal Mapping. As an addition to the Corneal Mapping, this device also features the Rotary Prism Technology for unmatched accuracy, 3D auto-alignment, smooth functionality, full touchscreen control screen, and a compact design.

TOPCON KR-8000PA Best Features
The TOPCON KR-8000PA best features include:
  • Rotary Prism Technology for unmatched accuracy
  • Corneal Mapping Function
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • 3D Auto Alignment
  • Wide Touchscreen Control Monitor
  • Intuitive and Simple Data Display

With this Topcon KR-8000PA, you can guarantee that your optometry clinic is heading to its success.

4. TOPCON KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer ($3,999.00)

Topcon KR-8900The Topcon KR-8900 asserts the team’s core precision using the Topcon’s standard Rotary Prism Technologies, plus adding some new features, such as drop and close feature to the printer, and an improved design for overall patient interaction.

This device, created by Topcon, is the latest generation of automated refraction technology. It maintains its core accuracy by using its prism technologies and only takes a bit of a second for the doctor with an objective measurement of the prescription. It’s the best way for the doctor to start and make the conclusion of your glasses medicine.

Key Features of the TOPCON KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer
Here are the best features of the KR-8900:
  • Stylish design for space-saving, compact and enhanced patient interaction
  • Easy-to-read color LCD
  • Keratometric and refractive measurements with pupils as small as 2mm
  • Autofire mode for reliable and fast data collection
  • Built-in printer
  • Smooth connection to other Topcon instruments
  • Cornea diameter measurement
  • Easy-to-load printer

TOPCON KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer has been the top choice of professionals when opening an optometry practice. Shopping for the best Autorefractor has never been that hard with this Topcon’s premier Autorefractor.

About the Ophthalmicmart

Do you know what and where to look for the best Autorefractors? Ophthalmicmart is the team behind the extensive selections of Topcon Autorefractors. Ophthalmicmart provides Ophthalmic instruments for ophthalmology clinics and practices with the maximum value for your money without compromising satisfaction.

The company is always available to assist you and aware of all the relevance and what it means for a person to see all the things around them. The company has a sales strategy that revolves around the quick delivery of the instruments in your order at a very reasonable price. Providing the maximum value of your money and flexible solutions is their primary goal.

If you plan to establish your eyecare practice, you need to trust a reliable source of Ophthalmic instruments at a very reasonable price and discounted rates. Search no more as you can get the best supplier of Autorefractors along with support and service from Ophthalmicmart.

Ophthalmicmart is the largest supplier of instruments and offers unmatched solutions that will fit your budget. Ophthalmicmart also got an eye for the best result, and clients are their main priority.

With lots of experience in this industry, the team strives to revamp the eye care industry with its vast selection of high-quality and branded products. They are constantly searching for more innovative products so that optometrists can give their patients the most efficient and reliable eye care service.

Customer Reviews

When choosing the best and most reliable Autorefractor machine, one of the main concerns you need to consider is customer reviews or customer feedback. A customer review is a personal and voluntary recommendation or opinion about the product.

The Topcon Autorefractor machines are regarded as the top choice of most eye care enthusiasts and trusted because of their high quality and efficiency. Most of the customers who purchased the devices are satisfied with their accuracy and ease of use.


These Topcon Autorefractor machines aids in measuring the refraction of the eye during an eye exam. A computer controls it, and the visual activity of the eye can be a monitor with the aid of this machine. Most medical professionals prefer this machine and use it in the early ’70s.  With the technological advancement of Autorefractors, the above models are made with quality standards and built for accuracy.

As a whole, the Topcon Autorefractors are the best and most reliable device you can have. They are available to help you with your plan in opening your optometry practice or clinic. The Topcon Autorefractor price varies from the model and can purchase with discounts. So, it is therefore highly recommended for you to choose the best from the best supplier of automatic refractors.

If you are looking for a computerized refractor for your eye care clinic, look no further and select from the above list of Topcon Autorefractors. They are the finest and most reliable Autorefractors you can find on the market today. Don’t settle for less; but instead, you need to opt for the best. For more information about the products, you can also visit their site. Get your Topcon Autorefractor now!

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  • Dr Surinder Gupta

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    Dr Surinder Gupta gharaunda karnal hariyana {INDIA}
    MOB. 94163 35352

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