Tracey iTrace Wavefront Aberrometer and Corneal Topography


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TRACEY iTrace can increase customers’ confidence with its accurate, information, even in cases, in eyesight investigation; enhancing efficiencies, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

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Tracey iTrace Combines autorefraction, corneal topography, auto-keratometry, wavefront aberrometry, and pupillometry in one system.

Millions of people worldwide have eyesight problems that compel them to seek ophthalmic intervention, primarily using glasses or contact lenses for sight correction. In most conventional approaches for correcting eyesight, global parameters of eye refraction are the most preferred approach. However, the advent of technology has seen the introduction of laser technologies that allow for better corrections that would not have been possible with glasses or contact lenses.

Tracey iTrace Wavefront Aberrometer is one such technology that uses a laser to finely reshape the cornea with various points depending on the desired results. This aberrometer is one of the laser-based vision correction approaches where very accurate local parameter information of the eye is necessary for attaining very high visual acuity during the correction.

About Tracey iTrace

The Tracey iTrace is a wavefront aberrometer designed by Tracey Technology. The device uses a single beam refractometer based on the retina for tracing and measuring the distribution of eye refraction. The operation of the iTrace may sound technical, but it operates on a straightforward premise. The equipment uses a low-power infrared laser beam.

Tracey iTrace Key Features:

  • Ray Tracing technology for highly accurate wavefront and refractive analysis
  • Binocular and Monocular open field fixation eliminates patient accommodation
  • Over spectacle refraction and wavefront measurement
  • Auto-identify potential patient visual complaints
  • A Retinal Spot Diagram (RSD) provides a graphical image of patients’ total refraction, aberrations, and Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Selectable Multi-zone refractions

Very compact design with lots of features

With most optical diagnostics equipment, space consideration is usually a huge concern. Most practitioners would appreciate it if they could have a portable that would not consume much space in the facility and could be easily moved from one location to another.

The Tracey iTrace features a very compact design with minimal space requirements. Other than this, the other notable features include-:

  • Wavefront measurement
  • Over spectacle refraction measurement
  • Auto-identification of potential patient visual problems
  • It comes with selectable multi-zone refractions
  • It has a Retinal Spot Diagram, which gives graphical images of Point Spread Functions, aberrations, and total refractions.
  • It has both monocular and binocular open field fixation, which eliminates any form of patient accommodation.
  • Highly accurate refractive and wavefront analysis

What can iTrace do in your practice:

  • Optical alignment
  • Separate cornea and lens
  • Toric precision
  • Toric check

During a typical examination, the infrared laser beam is directed to the eye, where a deviation of the reflection from the retina’s surface will occur. The position of this deviation off the surface of the retina is measured by the Tracy iTrace to an accuracy of 2 microns.

With the machine, close to one hundred measurements will be done in just a second. The resulting data will then be applied in the computation of the refractive index map of the eye.

The Tracey iTrace wavefront aberrometer is thus very effective in measuring the quality of visual and vision functions with the help of optical ray tracing. It is a revolutionary technology in the eye care industry, and amongst other things, it can be used for-:

  • Auto – keratometry
  • Ray-tracing aberrometry
  • Corneal topography
  • Pupillometry
  • Auto-refraction

It is a piece of 5-in-one equipment that will not just help to improve the value of eye care services but also will give very accurate diagnostics and save time and money at the same time. It is an investment that every eye surgeon and eye clinic will be happy to make. This sale Includes the latest software and computer.

Tracey Technologies ray-tracing wavefront aberrometry, model iTrace WSL524M, s/n 3623 w/ HP standalone Panel Pc w/ intel i5 model 23-014 s/n 8CC5240MVJ (with table)

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