Orbscan 3 Anterior Segment Analyzer


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Orbscan 3 allows surgeons to examine optical pachymetry and anterior and posterior astigmatism, providing information points on equilibrium and biomechanics that can inform choices and identify suitable candidates for refractive procedures

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The third generation of the multidimensional Orbscan topographer

Orbscan 3 from Bausch & Lomb is a third generation anterior segment analyzer that makes it possible for eye surgeons to carry out a careful analysis of both posterior and anterior astigmatism. It also allows surgeons to analyze optical pachymetry and avail data points on cornea stability and biomechanics that can then be used by practitioners to make optical choices as well as help in the identification of the right candidates for refractive procedures. It is a revolutionary technology that will offer solutions to most of the shortfalls of its predecessors which made multidimensional corneal topography to be a real challenge.

Orbscan 3 Quality features and enhancements

The new platform comes with features and enhancements that are a result of more than two decades of field use and research. With all the features and examination capabilities, it is an indispensable screening tool that every ophthalmic surgeon keen on carrying out quality and successful refractive procedures must have. There are other tools in the market that can do nearly similar things, but not the fine tunes and details that the Orbscan 3 from Bausch & Lomb can. Some of the most notable features include.

  • Accurate Assessment of the size

During corneal surgeries and other refractive procedures, it is imperative for the surgeon to conduct a thorough and precise examination to determine the correct shape, size as well as the extent of the surface power abnormalities. These are immensely crucial because they will help the surgeon to know precisely to type as well as the quality of refractive care to offer.

A mistake in such measurement is adequate to jeopardize the success of the entire procedure. With the Orbscan 3 from Bausch & Lomb, conducting an accurate assessment of the shape, size as well as the nature of surface power abnormalities is quite easy. Consequently, surgeons have higher chances of providing top quality refractive care with the help of this instrument.

  • Quality prescreening

Another aspect of refractive procedures is prescreening. This is a critical step that surgeons and eye care specialist need to do so that they can ensure optimal patient selection to increase the chances of having successful outcomes for refractive surgery. Orbscan 2 and Orbscan 2z were praised for their resourcefulness in helping surgeon with optimal patient selection for refractive procedures. Since Orbscan 3 is superior to the prior two, you can expect even better efficiency and results with its utilization. It will continue with the history of excellence that the previous models had already started writing.

Complete contact-free analysis

Another feature you will like about Orbscan 3 from Bausch & Lomb is the fact that it provides a complete contact-free analysis by using slit scanning technology during the examination of the eye’s anterior segment. It uses an advanced Placido disc system to achieve this. It also uses a user-friendly touch screen technology and new software that makes it possible to analyze curvature and elevation measurements of both the posterior and anterior surfaces of the cornea. It can also measure and analyze white-to-white measurements, angle kappa, anterior chamber depth, and full corneal pachymetry.