Cassini Total Corneal Astigmatism


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Cassini Total Corneal Astigmatism helps surgeons to understand properties so as to improve outcomes and increase premium individual volume. Cassini is a first-of-its-kind anterior segment ocular device based Colour LED Technology.

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Cassini Total Corneal provide better analysis of the entire cornea for astigmatism management.

Good understanding of the corneal properties is imperative for cataract surgeons so that they can increase the chances of successful outcomes and also increase the volume of premium patients. Working on the cornea is always a challenge by most surgeons owing to its small size as well as the details it has. Any slight mistake can lead to serious consequences, hence, the need for the use of tools such as Cassini Corneal to help the surgeon conduct careful analysis and be certain about the solutions they give to their patients.

Key Features:

• Color LED point-to-point ray-tracing principle
• Instantaneous auto-capture
• Submicron accuracy <1micron>
• Innovative software

How it works

Cassini Total Corneal is designed with every feature that corneal surgeons would require to carry out an in-depth and careful analysis of the patient’s cornea. It makes it possible for surgeons to carry out a full suite of corneal examinations that are normally necessary for multifocal IOL and tonic implantations. These include but not limited to-: mesopic and photopic pupillometry, corneal topography, and full-color photography diagnostics. Other notable features include-:

  • The ray-tracing principle – The ray-tracing principle is also utilized in the design of the equipment, and this is to primarily help on the measurement of the relative positions of the respective points with the help of the three different colors mentioned above.
  • Red, yellow and green LEDs – The technology used in the design of Cassini Corneal utilizes green, yellow and red LEDs which are all positioned uniquely to each other so that they are in a position to create coordinates like those of a GPS.

With such properties in principle and design, Cassini Total Corneal makes it possible for cataract surgeons to have a better comprehension of the properties of the cornea so that they can greatly have higher rates of successful procedures and also to serve many patients.

First-time-right image capture

With most of the corneal topographers that preceded Cassini Total Corneal, several attempts had to be made before the right image was captured. This didn’t just imply a lot of time in trying to get the best capture, but each instance increased the probability of getting significant errors. However, with the Cassini Corneal, cataract surgeons are now able to get first-time image capture.

This is with the help of the easy to use alignment guidance tool which makes the capture of images fast, quick and right with the very first try. The color changes on the screen will give an indication to the degree of the correct alignment, and the operator can always make the necessary adjustments until a clear focus is obtained. Since the quality factor is printed on the screen during the process of capturing the image, surgeons can easily see that they have the correct image before the capture.

Creates comprehensive overviews

With Cassini Total Corneal, cataract surgeons can now see full overviews of the images they captured complete with the elevation maps, true axis details, axial curvature, tangential curvature, and refractive power. They will also get a full overview of the keratoconus and keratometry indices. With such, it becomes possible to choose differential maps for use in the two examinations. It has made cataract surgeons’ work easier, and the patients will also benefit from the improved examination results.

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