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iScan is quick and easy-to-use. Simply enter the patient’s information, properly position the patient and touch to start. iScan vocally guides the patient with a choice of 11 different languages. It offers a fully comprehensive range of scans covering the macula, optic disc, and anterior segment.

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OPTOVUE iScan is a fully integrated OCT that offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation—perfect for Eye Care Professionals seeking an affordable OCT. It’s ideal for practices with limited staff since iScan delivers consistent scan acquisition with minimal training—and vocally guides patients through an entire exam in any of 12 languages. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient, choosing the scan and pushing start. iScan performs all of the focus and alignment operations while talking to the patient through the entire exam. With iScan, your office staff will want to run the OCT.

​OPTOVUE iScan has a streamlined design that integrates the operator interface, display, patient interface, and scan head into one tabletop console that is approximately the same size as a desktop computer, so any practice can find space for the system. iScan also features quick plug-and-play installation, making it a truly portable OCT system.

For practices looking for an ergonomically designed and little maintenance OCT model, iScan OCT could be a game-changer. It features a modern approach to OCT that combines traditional OCT with a space-saving design and almost automated functionality. This OCT practically runs itself, requiring only the occasional touch of a button.

OPTOVUE iScan OCT will help you gain new information on ocular structures and enhance your examination through an exclusive iwellness scan which allows the operator to determine the health of a patient’s eyes within minutes and at the touch of a button. It is also very portable and can fit in the smallest amount of space. If you are considering iScan OCT, here’s what you could stand to benefit from.

Why you need iScan OCT

Simple to use

The operations of the iScan OCT are simplified for easier operation. Your service provider will not be compromised since iScan OCT offers all the scans of traditional OCT with an easy-to-use interface. It can be used by clinicians with basic operational skill since it only requires that you position the patient and start the scan. iScan OCT will automatically perform focus and alignment, requiring only that you push start.

A boost to productivity

OPTOVUE iScan OCT is quick and efficient. You do not need to have a high skill level to carry out a scan since most aspects are practically automated. The model also features an iWellness scan which offers a template for analysis that can be used to identify signs of disease well before a clinical exam can. This will help your patients address their condition in the early stages and take preventive measures to maintain great eye health.

What features does the OPTOVUE iScan OCT offer?

Fully featured OCT

Fully-Featured OCTiScan OCT is comprehensive in terms of the number of scans available. It features all the traditional OCT but also incorporates a simplified modern interface for easier operations. It also includes 12 different languages, allowing your clinicians to engage in examinations in a language they are most comfortable with. Scan acquisition is relatively easy due to the automatic pupil alignment.

iScan is quick and easy-to-use. Simply enter the patient’s information, properly position the patient and touch to start. iScan vocally guides the patient with a choice of 11 different languages. It offers a fully comprehensive range of scans covering the macula, optic disc, and anterior segment.

Ergonomic table top design

iScan OCT will fit into practically any amount of space available. The model is about the same size as a desktop monitor, which allows for convenient placement. Any practice will be able to find space for this friendly sized model. It also features a quick plug and plays installation, allowing for use between different environments. The ease of portability allows for use between multiple departments easily.

iWellness scan

The exclusive iWellness scan is designed to provide a detailed view of your patient’s eye health within minutes. This scan is quick and easy to carry out, requiring only the touch of a button.

The iWellness scan engages in a robust normative comparison of the ganglion cell complex and retina of your patient with the expected standard. It presents results through color-coded imaging, allowing you to identify any signs of disease and anomaly before they are even noticeable through a clinical exam.

The Wellness software elevates your comprehensive eye exam with detailed information on the health of the retina. It enables a simple scan evaluation process to ensure quality data is being captured.  The software offers a single scan to aid in the early detection of pathology.

The OCT That Practically Runs Itself

  • Gain New Information on Ocular Structures with the Touch of a Button
  • NEW Pupil Alignment Technology Makes Scan Acquisition Quick and Easy
  • Fit iScan’s Space-Saving Design into Any Practice Setting
  • Enhance Your Eye Health Exam and Generate New Revenue with the Exclusive iWellness Scan

iScan Comprehensive capabilities

iScan Comprehensive includes all iScan Essential capabilities plus:

  • High-density 3D retinal imaging
  • In-depth 3D optic nerve head analysis
  • Cornea Advance anterior segment imaging and measurement


  • Free Lifetime Software updates
  • Free 5-year remote diagnostics and phone support
  • Free Netvue Pro Exam lane software
  • Ivue, Avanti, and Angiovue come with an external All In One CPU

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