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Reveal the hidden structures from the retina with the new PRIMUS 200 out of ZEISS, the pioneer in ophthalmic OCT. Ideal for small practices, PRIMUS 200 delivers the essential clinical software to help you manage your patients with certainty.

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PRIMUS 200 promises accessible, affordable, and convenient OCT services for private practices looking to increase their range of coverage and improve the patient experience.

This product is designed to offer a new revenue stream by allowing private practices to localize ophthalmology services instead of sourcing out to larger organizations. It allows you to detect and manage AMD, Glaucoma, and Diabetic Retinopathy and provides patient-focused reports for a more interactive and inclusive process. If you want a game changer to help grow your practice, read on to find out why the ZEISS PRIMUS 200 could be ideal.


What will the PRIMUS 200 offer your practice?

ZEISS PRIMUS 200 is billed as the essential OCT for private practice because it carries great potential to improve your service provision. These are the top benefits to your practice.

A comprehensive eye report

The PRIMUS 200 will offer detailed and thorough eye reports, which will help you relay information better to your patients about their condition. It provides detailed information on molecular thickness, RNFL, OHL, and CCT for each eye, allowing the clinician in charge of a specific case to fully understand a patient’s condition and communicate this information with them. The visual representation will make it easier for both parties to monitor progress and develop a better-fitting treatment schedule.

An early warning system

The clear fundus images and high-quality B-scans of a patient’s retina combine with other qualitative tools to help clinicians assess a patient’s condition in greater detail. They will be better able to identify existing and potential pathologies thanks to the clear imaging provided by the PRIMUS 200. It also includes an on-board pathology library for image reference.

Increased efficiency

You will increase the efficiency of your practice because the PRIMUS 200 offers a basic 3-step process, which will minimize patient chair time. It is also very easy to use and can be managed by operators with different skill levels. It offers management for a bigger range of diseases, with high-quality output helping clinicians identify and address underlying conditions easily.

What are the key features of the PRIMUS 200?

Report-based navigation

ZEISS PRIMUS 200 stands out because of its comprehensive eye reports. The high-resolution imaging options allow you to identify and address underlying conditions efficiently. It has a simple 3-step report-driven navigation, which does not require a high skill level. Clinicians must only select, capture, and review reports before presenting them to patients. All these will be done with the click of a few buttons.

The machine allows you to complete the scan in 3 simple steps.

  1. Select the desired report to get the required scan, and it will generate automatically.
  2. To get quality scans with real-time feedback, use the system-guided navigation.
  3. The machine will automatically pre-select reports that you can scan with a button.

High-definition scans and imaging

The PRIMUS 200’s best feature is its high-resolution imaging. Clinicians can analyze a patient’s condition more accurately due to the high-quality imaging it provides. It offers a wide refraction range, allowing you to scan a larger part of the eye, which can be helpful for high myopia patients. It can also scan surfaces as small as 2mm without causing any dilation for improved patient comfort.

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