Tomey em-4000 Endothelium Specular Microscope


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Tomey em-4000 has database function and allows you to store and re-analyzed with a database. Tomey em-4000 can automatically determine and exclude them from the analysis result by “Black Area evaluation function”.

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Tomey em-4000 Endothelium Specular Microscope is your new specular microscope designed for the acquisition of pictures of the corneal endothelium through a completely automatic innovative system. Acquisition errors reduce thanks to the constant acquisition system which detects 16 images at one time.

The most critical component plays an automated analysis as a result of its integrated software. In the event of unclear pictures acquired, two kinds of manual investigation can utilize Nucleus Analysis and Cellular Evaluation.

It automatically selects and instantly displays the best one from these images. It may perform not automatic investigation but also two guide investigation “Core method” and “L count system” with built-in software. Tomey em-4000 has database function and allows you to store and re-analyzed with a database.

When patients have a feature diseased condition such as cornea guttata, Tomey em-4000 can automatically determine

Tomey EM-4000 includes some exciting news:

  • new design: 10.4 “tilting color LCD touch screen with new graphics interface Integrated printer Two USB connections for back and data transfer and two PC / Printer connections;
  • New measurement modes: analysis time equal to 2.5 seconds per eye. It allows to select up to 15 different fixation points and allows para-peripheral measurements;
  • new functions: barcode reading systems, for a more immediate follow-up of the patient;
  • New possibilities: two measurements in parallel, for a double visualization. Analysis of Dark Zones.

Tomey EM-4000 FEATURES:

* Large area capture including external peripheral
* Dark area analysis function
* Automatic analysis and a variety of manual analysis modes
* Continuous Automatic Capture reduces error capture
* Increased speed ensures patient comfort
* Large database volume and ability to back up with SD card
* Adjustable overside touch screen
* Automatic acquisition and triggered auto

Observation and analysis of corneal endothelium
– Photographing method: Non-contact
– Photographing range: 0.25mm x 0.54mm
– Measurement mode: Auto/Manual/Auto Alignment Manual Shot
– Capturing position: Center + 14peripheral points
– Cornea thickness measurement accuracy: +/-10um
– Analysis method: Automatic analysis / L-count/Core Method
– Analysis values: Number(number of analyzed cells)
CD (cell density) AVG (average cell area)
SD (standard deviation of cell area)
CV (coefficient of variation of cell area)
Max (maximum cell area) Min (minimum cell area)
– Histogram: Area (Polymegathism: Distribution by areas)
Apex (Pleomorphism: Distribution of polygonal shapes types)
Main unit
Display: 10.4″ color LCD
Stroke of moving sections: 88mm (X-axis); 40mm (Y-axis); 50mm (Z axis)
Stroke of chin rest: 70mm
Built-in printer: Thermal printer
Data output type: USB-Hx2, USB-Dx2, LAN, SD Card (for internal Database)
Dimensions and weight: 309 (W) x 491 (D) x 450 (H) mm; approx 22 kg
Power source: 100 VAC-240VAC; 50/60 Hz, 100VA

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