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Scanmate Flex supplies any desired mixture of A-scan, B-scan, and UBM. Its hallmark is flexibility. Our design for this particular product reflects many talks with eye care professionals concerning the requirements, constraints, and goals of their practices

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Scanmate Flex supplies any desired mixture of A-scan, B-scan, and UBM. Its hallmark is flexibility. Our design for this particular product reflects many talks with eye care professionals concerning their practices’ requirements, constraints, and goals. We think we have developed something that will integrate into any medical or office setting.

The Scanmate Flex could be put on a desk, mounted on the wall, or moved about on a cart. The internal rechargeable battery ensures that the Flex can use for hours without even being plugged into a socket–ideal if you want an ultrasound unit for the user in several examining rooms.


  • Made based on practical suggestions from professionals = easy integration into any clinic or clinical environment.
  • Flexible – can be placed on a table, wall, or a trolley. An internal rechargeable battery means the Flex can be used for several hours without plugging into a socket.
  • Connection via USB to any PC with Windows, installation on an unlimited number of stations, or a server + clients.

Regardless of mounting configuration, you opt for the Scanmate Flex plug into the USB port of the Windows computers you already have. The software to control the Flex is included and may be loaded onto as many computers as you wish. In case you’ve got a local community, you can use one machine as a server and keep all of the individual records there, or they can be kept locally on the machine utilized for your examination.

DGH Scanmate Flex ultrasound system is notable for the flexibility it gives clinicians, the company says. Scanmate Flex can have three probe types: UBM, A-scan, and B-scan. Desktop or wall-mounted, its internal battery enables it to operate for hours without being plugged in, based on DGH.


You can choose any or all of the three ultrasound probe types that work with the Scanmate Flex.


This is the tried-and-true ultrasound biometer for measuring the axial length and the distance between structures along the eye’s axis. The Scanmate Flex supports DGH’s unique 3-star system for defining A-scan measurement quality, which means you never have to go back through data, discarding bad measurements.

The automatic gain control gives you optimal waveforms, and the Scanmate software supports multiple IOL formulas, including post-refractive. A-scan measurements can be made via direct corneal contact, or (using the immersion shell included with the Scanmate Flex) via water immersion.


This redesigned probe, new with the Flex, provides the best image quality and reliability in a B-scan. The Scanmate Flex B-scan provides class-leading retina images, even through opacities such as dense cataracts and blood that optical tools can’t penetrate. Among the on-screen tools is a caliper that lets you measure structures, an angle measurement tool, an area measurement tool, and an annotation tool that gives you a way to indicate pathologies.


The UBM probe provides imagery of the anterior segment of the eye, including features behind the iris that optical devices can’t see. This is particularly useful in diagnosing plateau iris and other pathologies hidden by the iris. Typical applications for the UBM include sulcus-to-sulcus measurement, the angle of closure, and anterior chamber pathologies.

The Scanmate software provides the same annotation features for the UBM as for the B-scan. A water-filled single-use Clearscan probe cover is the only component that touches the eye.


  • The Scanmate Flex comes with a footswitch that can be used to start and stop scans.
  •  If you connect the Scanmate Flex to a Windows computer with a touchscreen, you can use touch (instead of mouse clicks) for many functions.
  • To free up the doctor’s hands, the Scanmate Flex also supports voice control of scanning, zooming, and saving files.
  • The Scanmate Flex comes in a protective padded carrying case. It can even be used without being removed from the case — great for a doctor visiting a clinic or making hospital rounds.
  • If you are interested in a cart or a tablet to use with the Scanmate Flex, and you don’t already have a suitable one, talk to us about these options.

You can quickly capture measurements and images by pressing a footswitch.

With its innovative hands-free option, you can control the software by voice to start the scan, zoom and save files.

The software has measurement tools to help you diagnose and monitor.


A-scan: 10 MHz transducer (nominal), IOL formulas: SRK/T, Binkhort II, SRK II, Holladay I, Haigis, Hoffer Q.

B-scan: 12.5 MHz or 20 MHz transducer; focus, 21 mm ± 2mm.

UBM: 35 MHz or 50 MHz transducer, focal point: 13mm (nominal), depth of field: 11.5-14mm.


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