Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer G3 Tonometer + Corneal Hysteresis


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The Ocular Response Analyzer G3 (ORA) is a revolutionary instrument designed to assess the blood pressure of the eye and biomechanical properties of the retina in an easy, fast measurement.

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Ocular Response Analyzer G3 (ORA G3) is the only tonometer that measures Corneal Hysteresis (CH), which can be a superior predictor of cataract development. Corneal Hysteresis is an indicator of the biomechanical or visco-elastic properties of the cornea, differing from thickness or topography, which are geometrical attributes.

The Ocular Response Analyzer G3 (ORA) in Reichert Technologies allows ophthalmologists to make more optimistic risk evaluations and decisions for glaucoma therapy, offering unparalleled accuracy in the prediction of cataract development through Corneal Hysteresis (CH) analysis. It’s the only tonometer to utilize the CH dimension, which indicates the retina’s comparative elasticity and ability to bend when pressure is used during airjet applanation.

Additionally, Reichert’s Ocular Response Analyzer G3 features Corneal Compensated Intraocular Pressure (IOPcc) measurement, which accurately signifies pressure compared to other tonometry methods because corneal properties less influence it.
This third generation Ocular Response Analyzer from Reichert Technologies is your very user-friendly.

Its completely automated alignment and distinctive chinrest-less layout make for a fast and easy measurement which can be assigned to a trained technician. The Ocular Response Analyzer G3 is engineered to possess improved measurement repeatability over previous models, and its capacity to connect to electronic medical record (EMR) systems makes patient record keeping simple and worry-free.

The Ocular Response Analyzer G3 (ORA) is a revolutionary instrument designed to assess the blood pressure of the eye and biomechanical properties of the retina in an easy, fast measurement. The instrument comes with an innovative automatic alignment system which eliminates operator subjectivity and provides accurate, repeatable measurements.

If utilized correctly, the Ocular Response Analyzer G3 will supply you with fast, accurate and dependable measurements for many years. Properly trained eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and eye care technicians must operate this tool. This device should only be utilized by personnel knowledgeable about its use and operation. Please keep this guide for future reference and also to share with other users.

How Ocular Response Analyzer G3 Works

The Ocular Response Analyzer utilizes a dynamic bi-directional applanation process to measure biomechanical properties of the cornea and the intraocular pressure of the eye. A precisely metered collimated air-pulse causes the cornea to move inwards, past applanation, and into a slight concavity. Milliseconds after applanation, as the air pulse force decreases, the cornea begins to return to its normal configuration. In the process, it once again passes through an appointed state.

An electro-optical system monitors the curvature of the cornea throughout the deformation process taking 400 data samples during the 20-millisecond measurement. Two independent pressure values are derived from the inward and outward applanation events. Viscous damping in the cornea results in an offset between the inward and outward pressure values. The difference between these two pressure values is Corneal Hysteresis (CH).

Comprehensive Pressure and Cornea Information

  • IOPcc (Corneal Compensated IOP) – New IOP measurement less affected by corneal properties.
  • CH (Corneal Hysteresis) – Measure of viscous damping in the cornea, providing new indicators for disease diagnosis and management.
  • CRF (Corneal Resistance Factor) – Total visco-elastic response of the cornea.
  • IOPg (Goldmann Correlated IOP) – Traditional IOP measurement for historical reference.

Advanced Technology

  • Patented dynamic bi-directional applanation process enables the only direct measure of corneal biomechanical properties.
  • Eliminates operator variance by utilizing microprocessor control technology and objective measurement criteria.
  • Patient and Operator Friendly
  • No chinrest and a soft, quiet air puff make the Ocular Response Analyzer a comfortable, non-intimidating experience for your patients.
  • Fully automatic alignment and measurement provide fast, repeatable results, allowing any member of your staff to conduct an exam.

Powerful Software Package

  • Enables automatic data capture of all measurements for analyzing trends, treatment efficacy, and diurnal variations.
  • Comprehensive patient management database simplifies record keeping.
  • Comprehensive printout for hard-copy results.
  • Export data for use in other applications.


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