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The IOLMaster 700 from ZEISS with SWEPT Source Biometry builds upon almost 20 years of experience in optical biometry.

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Zeiss IOL Master 700 is a SWEPT source OCT biometer with top of the line technology. It features Total Keratometry (TK) which allows for straightforward measurement of the complex posterior corneal surface. It exceeds the normal scope of scanning by displaying detailed longitudinal analysis, which guarantees fewer refractive surprises. If you are looking for ways to improve your practice, here’s why you should consider the IOL Master 700.

Without the right OCT equipment, your practice will suffer from inefficient services. You could be forced to invest in multiple devices to carry out different parts of your examination and analysis. You may even need to rely on untrustworthy and cumbersome online calculations when carrying out sensitive measurements. Your ability to present accurate analysis and diagnosis to your patients will be grossly undermined by the wrong OCT tools.

The IOLMaster 700 is the first swept-source OCT-based biometer that enables OCT imaging and visualization of the entire length of the eyeball. Axial length measurement is taken not just for intraocular lens implants but also for monitoring of myopia.

The IOLMaster 700 highly optimized scans are completed very swiftly, which is suitable for patients who have difficulty controlling their gaze. The machine is able to obtain precise measurements at a single click of a button, even for a highly active child.


What features does the IOL Master 700 offer?

Proprietary total keratometry

This model features new OCT for accurate measurement of the posterior corneal surface. SWEPT source OCT combines with two new exclusive Barrett formulas for a new way to directly measure the posterior corneal surface. It can also be used in classic IOL calculation formulas and eliminates the need for a second model, additional software module or online calculator.

Complete refractive control

The patented cornea-to-retina scan offered by the model is ideal for a comprehensive examination. It presents anatomical details through a cross-sectional view of the entire eye. Any unusual eye geometries such as tilts can be detected and incorporated into the examination. You can also visually verify the specific structures that have been measured in the eye, allowing for better assessment. It also includes an automated fixation check, which identifies poor fixation to reduce the likelihood of refractive surprises which may compromise the results.

Outstanding repeatability

Repeatability is essential for good refractive outcomes. Thanks to its unique SWEPT Source Biometry with 2,000 scans per second, the repeatability of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is absolutely outstanding.

Get the broadest basis of clinical data

The biometry of ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is 100 % compatible with former versions of the IOLMaster. Therefore, you can leverage the complete “User Group of Laser Interference Biometry” (ULIB) database. You will find optimized lens constants for more than 270 IOL models based on the data from over 50,000 cataract surgeries specifically collected for the IOLMaster. This will help you to improve your refractive outcomes.

Unique telecentric keratometry

ZEISS is the only company that offers a biometer with telecentric, and thus distance-independent, keratometry. Its smart optical configuration allows robust and repeatable measurements – especially with restless patients – for superior keratometry measurements.

Complete set of biometric parameters for latest IOL power calculation formulas

The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 measures all biometric parameters for the latest IOL power calculation formulas.

Optimized workflow

You can optimize the efficiency of your operations thanks to the optimized cataract workflow. It allows you to measure both eyes in less than 45 seconds, which guarantees improved patient experience. It also features auto alignment assistance, reducing the risk of human error and making the examination results independent of the clinician. This allows you to delegate other aspects of the examination for seamless operation.

Toric IOL power calculation made easy

In the new Haigis Suite, the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 provides the first on-board all-in-one solution for toric IOL power calculation. It combines the well established Haigis formula, the Haigis-L formula for post-LVC cases, and the new Haigis-T for toric IOL in one powerful tool. There is no need to key-in data into the vendors’ online toric IOL power calculation tools.

Easy to use and delegate

Taking biometry measurements made easy! The multi-touch screen and the new graphical user interface allow for gesture control of the device like you are used to from your smartphone or tablet computer. Alignment assistance functions make the results largely independent from the user and therefore easy to delegate.


Thanks to its SWEPT Source Biometry, the measurements take only seconds. This is a huge advantage of –,, especially with restless patients.

Precise and efficient markerless toric IOL alignment

The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is an integral part of the ZEISS Cataract Suite. A reference image is acquired and used for intraoperative matching with the live eye image during cataract surgery. Manual marking steps can be skipped for efficient and more precise toric IOL alignment with reduced residual astigmatism.

Why should you invest in the IOL Master 700?

iolmaster-700-oct-machineImproved efficiency

You need Zeiss IOL Master 700for your practice because of the potential for improved operation. It features quick scanning and an almost completely automated process, which allows for quick transition between patients and delegation of duties without compromising on the quality of service provision. Total Keratometry reduces the need for tedious calculations or the installation of new software modules because it features new Barrett formulas, but maintains relevance in classic IOL calculations as well.

Comprehensive analysis and imaging

The patented cornea-to retina scan allows for comprehensive imaging. You can view the entire eye structure, including accommodating any unusual eye geometries for a clearer and more precise analysis. The auto-alignment feature allows your clinicians to take standard and great quality images each time without any fixation problems. This enables you to provide high-quality services, which will improve patient experience and grow your practice. 

The use of Swept Source OCT in biometry, whereby the entire eye is scanned three-dimensionally, allows to not only better understand the eye before surgery but also to have better refractive outcomes after surgery. The technology is nowhere, and we have many things to learn in the coming months and years with regard to what the IOLMaster 700 can do

IOLMaster 700 Include

  • IOL Master 700 License advanced
  • License Option Reference Imagining 700
  • IOL Master 700 Barrett Suite
  • IOL Master 700 License Total Keratometry

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