Topcon Maestro2 Robotic OCT and Fundus Camera


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Topcon Maestro2 delivers high-resolution retinal images in true color for discovering changes in the retina quickly and easily.

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Topcon Maestro2 is fast, multi-modality OCT/Fundus imaging and advanced data management. The Maestro2 is the complete clinical workstation for any busy practice. The Maestro2 automatically performs alignment, focus, optimizing, and capturing with a single touch. After capture, the report can be immediately displayed by clicking on the icon. In addition to automated capture, the Maestro2 offers manual/semi-manual options for difficult-to-image patients.

The Maestro2 has an integrated full-color fundus camera. With one touch, you can simultaneously acquire a posterior OCT image and an actual color fundus image. This allows for PinPoint Registration and structural confirmation of the pathology. A small pupil function is also available, and the fundus only captures.

The Topcon Maestro2 also features IMAGEnet 6 capture software for dynamic viewing of OCT and imaging data. Topcon’s exclusive PinPoint Registration also matches specified areas within OCT, and OCTA scans upon the color fundus image.

The Maestro2’s new follow-up scan feature scans the exact location at each patient visit, beneficial for follow-up visits and tracking disease over time. An extensive portfolio of the macula, anterior, and glaucoma reports allows the practitioner access to advanced diagnostic data.


Topcon Maestro2 Key Features

  • Full automation (alignment, focus, and capture) 3D OCT and fundus capture technology, combined with automatic report functions, delivers fast office workflow and ensures that any of your staff can easily take images
  • Comprehensive assessment of ONH and macula in one scan with innovative 12mm x 9mm scanning protocol
  • Extensive Reference Database of RNFL, Total Retinal, GCL + IPL, and GCL + IPL + RNFL thickness measurements
  • 50,000 A Scans/sec Spectral Domain OCT with a non-mydriatic color fundus camera saves space and saves the expense of purchasing 2 systems
  • High-quality images – 2D, 3D, and fundus images
  • PinPoint™ Registration of OCT image with fundus image
  • Latest automatic layer segmentation algorithms
  • All-in-one compact system to fit small office settings
  • Online instrument training program significantly reduces the training time of new staff


Topcon Maestro2 capturing


In addition to automated capture, the Maestro2 offers manual/semi-manual options for difficult-to-image patients. Topcon could not have made OCT capturing any easier by introducing the Maestro2, a near fully automated instrument combining fundus photography, anterior OCT, posterior OCT, and possibly in the future (pending FDA clearance) OCT-A as well.

Due to the automation of the Maestro2, it was by far the fastest instrument we tested, as the acquisition speed surprised both our patient and me.

However, if you have an SD-OCT in your office now, you’ll understand that the actual scanning time is negligible. The alignment, focusing, and image plane selection take so much technician time. To have an automated instrument in a busy practice would be valuable. Still, I would wonder about reliability in patients with fixation loss, such as patients with advanced macular degeneration and geographic atrophy.

Would they be able to fixate where necessary? In such cases, manual fixation will need to be used.

Widefield OCT Scan

The Maestro2 captures a 12mm x 9mm widefield OCT scan, encompassing both the macula and disc. Ideal for an annual eye exam, this scan reduces patient testing time. It provides thickness and reference data for the retina, RNFL, GCL+, GCL++, and Disc topography, including automated LCDR values.

Anterior Segment OCT

The Maestro2 has the advantage of Anterior Segment OCT scanning capability without an additional expensive/external lens. By adding the anterior headrest support, the Maestro2 can capture corneal and chamber angle scans together with the ability to measure corneal thickness using the integrated caliper tools. Tear meniscus height can also be visualized and measured together.

High-Resolution OCT & Color Fundus Photography

A high-resolution B-scan and smooth 3D graphics facilitate the observation of pathology and each layer of the retina. High-quality color fundus photography gives fundamental and additional information. The OCT and color fundus is an inseparable combination for daily diagnosis.

The Maestro2 is a fully automated OCT system that can capture high-resolution non-mydriatic, true color fundus photography, OCT, and OCTA with a single button press. This multimodal system also offers the “Hood Report” for glaucoma structure/function analysis. Additionally, according to Topcon, it features a 360° rotating intuitive touchscreen, a small footprint, and a space-saving design.

Extensive Set of Reports

The Topcon Maestro2 provides rich analysis functions for Macula and Glaucoma. Comprehensive, predefined reports can be quickly printed or sent to your image management system.

“The Maestro2 is the culmination of our efforts to deliver a powerful OCT system that features not only exceptional image quality and advanced diagnostic capabilities such as OCTA but also offers the practitioner workflow enhancements, detailed image analysis and reporting functions, and data management capabilities,” John Trefethen, Vice President of Global Marketing & Product Design for Topcon, said in the news release. “With the addition of fully automated OCTA, the Maestro2 truly is the most comprehensive OCT system in the marketplace, and we are excited to bring this innovative technology to eye care specialists around the globe.”

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