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IOLMaster 500 is the benchmark for precision biometry. The IOLMaster 500 stands on a long heritage of highly precise measurement data. Proven in the field for more than a decade, the IOLMaster Partial Coherence Interferometry (PCI) technology is the acknowledged reference point in biometry today.

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IOLMaster 500 is dedicated to low hassle biometry and high-confidence IOL selection. Designed for robustness, reliability, and exceptional system integrity, the IOLMaster 500 offers a wide range of built-in IOL power calculation options, including the latest Haigis and Holladay formulas.

The ZEISS IOLMaster 500 is an excellent choice for cataract surgeons looking for a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use optical biometer for measurements they can depend on.

Gold standard biometry with the ZEISS IOLMaster 500

To date, with more than 100 million IOL power calculations, biometers from ZEISS have become the most commonly used optical biometers in the ophthalmic world. With the IOLMaster 500 from ZEISS, doctors get a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use optical biometer for measurements they can depend on.

IOLMaster 500 Key Benefits

  • Refractive outcomes you can trust. Distance independent keratometry, robust and repeatable measurements, more than 300 optimized lens constants
  • Fast and easy to use. The well-designed user interface, plausibility checks, less than 60 seconds for both eyes1
  • Advanced measurements of challenging eyes. > 93% cataract penetration rate2; measurement of staphyloma, pseudophakic and silicone-filled eyes, post-LVC formula
  • Precise and efficient markerless toric IOL alignment. 3,4 Integral part of ZEISS Cataract Suite, no manual marking steps

Refractive outcomes you can trust

  • Telecentric keratometry

The ZEISS IOLMaster is the only optical biometer to feature distance-independent telecentric keratometry. It enables robust, repeatable measurements and shows excellent agreement with manual keratometry while achieving higher precision.

  • Proven toric outcomes

The results of a meta-analysis of 28 published clinical papers covering more than 1900 cases speak for themselves: you can trust the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 for toric IOL power calculation! It was shown that the reported clinical outcomes for the ZEISS IOLMaster about residual astigmatism “[…] exceed, or are at least as good as those using manual or automated keratometry.”

  • Over 50,000 cataract surgeries evaluated for better refractive results

The extensive clinical experience of the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 is reflected by the IOL constant database (formally known as ULIB). The database contains more than 300 lens constants continuously optimized with over 50,000 sets of patient data created with the ZEISS IOLMaster – absolutely unique in the industry.

Fast and easy to use

  • Well-designed user interfaces

The highly intuitive ZEISS IOLMaster 500 design sets standards in easy-to-delegate biometry. Common sources of error are eliminated through an easy-to-understand traffic light indicator.

  • Chair time

The average time needed to take a reading on the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 is up to 4 times faster compared to other optical devices.8 You can measure both eyes in less than 60 seconds.

  • Plausibility checks

With the integrated automatic mode, right-eye and left-eye values for axial length and corneal radii are compared and checked for plausibility – providing confidence, especially for challenging eyes.

  • Connect to ultrasound

Connect your compatible ultrasound devices directly via Option Sonolink. This ultrasound interface is LAN-based, workflow approved, and compatible with various qualified ultrasound manufacturers.

  • Automated workflow

The Dual Mode facilitates measurements of axial length and keratometry without the need for manual interaction – minimizing chair time.

Precise and efficient markerless toric IOL alignment.


The ZEISS IOLMaster 500 is an integral part of the ZEISS Cataract Suite. The Reference Image is the starting point of a markerless toric IOL workflow: An image of the eye is taken along with the keratometry measurement. Both reference image and keratometry data are transferred to the computer-assisted cataract surgery system CALLISTO eye® from ZEISS.

Finally, all data needed for precise and markerless toric IOL alignment are injected in color and high resolution where they are needed – in the eyepiece of the surgical microscope from ZEISS. Manual marking steps can be skipped altogether for more precise3 and efficient4 toric IOL alignment with reduced residual astigmatism.

Advanced measurement of challenging eyes

  • Dense cataracts

In denser cataracts, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 achieves a measurement success ratio that is up to 20 % higher than that of other optical biometry devices.11 The underlying composite signal evaluation significantly increases the fraction of cataracts measurable with optical technology, allowing a cataract penetration rate of more than 93 %.

  • Post-LVC, staphyloma, pseudophakic and silicone-filled eyes

Even with staphyloma, pseudophakic, and silicone-filled eyes, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 measures along the visual axis. And with its Haigis-L formula, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 allows IOL calculation for myopic and hyperopic post-LVC cases


  • Any intraocular lens calculation is only as reliable as the lens constant it is based on.
  • More than 40,000 sets of patient data created with the ZEISS IOLMaster are the basis of more than 200 optimized lens constants in the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry (ULIB) website unique in the industry.
  • Together with its one-of-a-kind distance independent telecentric keratometry and the exclusively integrated Holladay 2 formula, the gold standard in optical biometry helps you improve your refractive outcomes.


  • A well-designed user interface, plausibility checks, distance-independent measurements, and an up to 4 times faster reading compared to other optical devices lead to one-of-a-kind usability and reduced chair time.
  • A difference you, your team, and your patients will notice every day.


  • Axial length 14 – 38 mm
  • Corneal radii 5 – 10 mm
  • Anterior chamber depth 1.5 – 6.5 mm
  • White-to-white 8 –16 mm


  • The axial length of 0.01 mm
  • Corneal radii 0.01 mm
  • Anterior chamber depth 0.01 mm
  • White-to-white 0.1 mm


  • SRK® II, SRK® / T, Holladay 1 and 2, Hoffer Q, Haigis
  • Clinical history and contact lens fitting method for calculation of corneal refractive power following refractive corneal surgery
  • Haigis-L IOL calculation for eyes following myopic/hyperopic LASIK / PRK / LASIK surgery
  • Calculation of phakic anterior and posterior chamber implants
  • Optimization of IOL constants


  • Ultrasound data link (to Accutome A-Scan synergy)
  • ZEISS data archive and review solution FORUM
  • ZEISS OR management system CALLISTO eye
  • Data interface for electronic medical record (EMR) / patient management systems (PMS)
  • Data export to USB storage media
  • Export database for Holladay IOL Consultant and HIC.SOAP Pro
  • Ethernet port for network connection and network printer
  • Line voltage 100 – 240 V ± 10 % (self sensing)


  • IOL 500
  • Zeiss Power Table
  • Calibration Tool
  • Dust cover
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Printer
  • Test Eye Included
  • 12 Months warranty


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