Zeiss Humphrey field analyzer 3 Visual Field Testing System


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Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 simplifies trial lens correction dependent on the patient’s refractive data, to decrease setup time. Zeiss also says the gaze tracker around the HFA3 provides initialization and works compared with earlier HFA models, and that the touch screen interface for technicians is quicker and more intuitive.

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Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 from ZEISS

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 combines everything you have always appreciated with more than you can imagine making it simpler, faster and more reliable than ever before in a Humphrey. The best just got better. Key benefits HFA3 gives a range of features designed to: Reduce installation time with a single trial lens to a faster and compact workflow.

Quicker, simpler, more dependable than ever Liquid Lens technologies: One lens, less time The automatic Liquid Trial Lens reduces patient setup time by automatically loading each patient correction from the previous examination. The result is quicker patient flow and decreased the chance of error when selecting a lens. SmartTouch interface: Ready, set, test! The Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 system gets you up and running using fewer bits.

Everything you expect from ZEISS The improvements in HFA3 from a Humphrey add to the standard that is reliable that thousands of clinics already depend on for critical diagnoses. The new model still provides when and where you require it.

The Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 preserves all that made its predecessors the golden standard in perimetry–subsequently chooses that standard to new heights with creations that enhance reliability and efficiency. Certainty for years using the ZEISS Glaucoma Suite A wide array of innovative diagnostic and imaging alternatives are transforming your point of attention.

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 new features designed to:

  • Reduce visual field testing time with NEW SITA™ Faster.
  • Mixed Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA™): Inter-mixing of SITA Standard, SITA Fast, and SITA Faster.
  • Reduce setup time with a single trial lens. Using liquid pressure, the new Liquid Trial Lens™ instantly delivers each patient’s refractive correction with the touch of a button.*
  • Improve confidence in test results with RelEYE™**. Instantly review the patient’s eye position, at any stimulus point.
  • Simplify operation with the intuitive new SmartTouch™ interface that novice users will appreciate.
  • Gain peace of mind with seamless transferability of legacy data from the HFA II and HFA II-i to the HFA3.
  • SITA Faster test is about half the time of SITA Standard and 70% of SITA Fast with the same reproducibility as SITA Fast. This may improve patient satisfaction with perimetric testing and reduce patient fatigue.
  • Mixed GPA allows free mixing of SITA Faster, SITA Fast and SITA Standard and allows full access to the patient’s progression analysis including all SITA tests.


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