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Optovue iVue OCT system is a powerful clinical tool that transforms the way you assess the retina, optic disc and the cornea.

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Optovue iVue SD-OCT is the next phase in advanced OCT product design. With a complete offering of retina, glaucoma and anterior segment scanning as standard, iVue is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The streamlined user interface, small footprint, and familiar slit lamp-style delivery design, all contribute to fast and efficient clinical use and patient throughput.

For easily accessible and friendly priced OCT, iVue OCT can be the right choice for your practice

Adding iVue OCT to your practice will help improve the efficiency of your operations. It offers a comprehensive assessment of ocular disease. It also includes an iWellness scan that will automatically detect any potential anomalies and present them in a color-coded visualization for easier assessment of potential health problems. The small footprint and ease of use will boost your productivity and help your patients get accurate assessments quickly.

The iVue is a portable, powerful, and simple SD-OCT. It offers the same scanning speed and resolution as the larger RTVue OCT, including; scanning and reports of the retina, retinal nerve fiber and cornea assessment by the clinician. The iVue is supplied as an all-in-one package that includes a stunning 21.5″ screen or you can choose to purchase the SD-OCT with the optional laptop configuration, for maximum portability.

Can Optovue iVue benefit your practice?

Improved range of services

You can make diagnosis and assessment for potential treatment plans, as well as monitor changes to your patients’ condition with Optovue iVue. It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to assess and quantify different parts of the eye, as well as track any changes. You can diagnose your patients and offer them a treatment plan instead of depending on referrals, which may affect the efficiency of service.

Efficient service provision

You do not have to refer your patients to other practices in the event of a potential underlying condition. With iVue OCT, you can make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan within minutes and in the comfort of your practice. You will be better able to cater to your patients’ needs with this portable and affordable OCT.


What features does iVue OCT offer? The Complete Retinal Imaging Solution.

Comprehensive retinal imaging

iVue OCT is based on a powerful system that will redefine your assessment and diagnosis. You can quantify the thickness of the nerve fiber layer, retina, cornea and ganglion cell complex. It offers a unique assessment of the optic disc and cornea and can be used to predict changes in the RNFL and GCC thicknesses. It will allow for a more accurate diagnosis and assessment of change after a treatment plan has been developed.

Flexible configurations

You can combine iVue OCT with other additional modules to improve its function. Adding an iCam fundus camera, for instance, will improve the quality and range of imaging available to you. If your practice faces evolving demands, this flexibility will allow you room for growth. There are other integrations that will improve the ability of this OCT to meet your patients’ needs.

A simple platform

The basic style of operation of iVue OCT incorporates modern elements alongside traditional OCT to present a comprehensive but easy to use platform. Your clinicians will appreciate the familiar style and interface that are designed to improve the ease of the scan. There are many supporting courses available online as well.

iWellness scan

The exclusive iWellness scan is designed to provide a detailed view of your patient’s eye health within minutes. This scan is quick and easy to carry out, requiring only the touch of a button. The iWellness scan engages in a robust normative comparison of the ganglion cell complex and retina of your patient with the expected standard. It presents results through color-coded imaging, allowing you to identify any signs of disease and anomaly before they are even noticeable through a clinical exam.


  • Optovue iVue scanner: OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
  • Frame Rate: 256 to 1024 A-scan/Frame
  • Depth Resolution (in tissue): 5.0 µm
  • Transverse Resolution: 15µm (retina)
  • Scan range: Depth: 2 – 2.3 mm (retina)
  • Scan beam wavelength: λ=840±10 nm
  • Exposure power at pupil: 750 µW
  • OCT fundus image (en face): FOV: 21°(H) x 21°(V)
  • Minimum Pupil Diameter: 2.5 mm
  • External image (Live IR): FOV: 13 mm x 9 mm
  • Patient interface: Working Distance: 22 mm / 15 mm
  • Motorized Focus Range: -15D to +12D
  • Computer: Laptop PC
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 15.6” screen
  • RAM: 4GB

Accessible and Affordable OCT Solutions

  • Maximize Clinical Utility with Retina, Optic Disc, and Anterior Segment Applications
  • Create the System You Need with OCT + Fundus Camera Option
  • Enhance Eye Health Exams and Generate New Revenue with the Exclusive iWellness Scan

Optovue iVue SD-OCT Imaging Features

  • Epithelial Thickness Mapping
  • Vault mapping
  • Advanced GCC imaging
  • iWellnessExam
  • Retinal mapping and analysis
  • Optic disc and RNFL assessment
  • Comprehensive anterior segment analysis
  • 3D and En Face imaging
  • Easy to use software


  • OCT Optovue iVue with Anterior Segment
  • Laptop with Windows 10 & iWellness.
  • Table
  • 12 months warranty
  • Setup and Training
  • Table
  • Anterior Seg Lens
  • Cover
  • Printer

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